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How to Grow hair after Hair Loss

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How to Grow Hair after Hair Loss ‘Hair loss’, ‘Remedies to grow Hair’, ‘How to grow hair within the night’ are a few of the most searched terms on Google. Man’s hazardous stress generating environment, combined along with the added detriment due to junk food, has escalated the proportions of hair loss. People are losing hair a lot faster and while they are young.

Various autoimmune diseases, lifestyle diseases, and major chronic illness have hair loss as a side effect and scientists have discovered a cure for neither hair loss nor most of these diseases. Hair plays such an important role in the lives of human beings as it has come to define a part of who we are; in other words, one’s hair has come to be a window to his health, status, and personality.

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People are generally afraid of going bald and how it may tarnish their external appearance and reputation. Everyone wants to look young, and a major part of this role is carried out by their hair. While a small percentage of the global population has come to accept undergoing hair loss or baldness, the majority are left at a state of shock when they discover that their hair is falling. While they are desperate, they are also impatient.

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They opt for wigs or penetrative hair treatments and surgeries to replace lost hair. But such hair treatments and surgeries are not so cheap, and wigs are nowhere close to having real hair even in terms of comfort.

So, when does natural hair fall occur? Hair fall is a result of hair follicles becoming weak and hence hair strands gradually become thinner and more brittle, until it eventually falls off. If you are looking for how to grow hair after hair loss, this is the right place.

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So how to grow hair after hair loss and increase hair naturally and gradually? While baldness is inevitable, how can one postpone it? There are four important steps in order to achieve all the above, they are:

1.    Care for hair by changing habits:

It is important that one stops these habitual practices immediately if one wants to preserve what is left of their hair:

•    Rubbing one’s hair fast to dry one’s hair quickly can hasten hair loss.

•    Keeping one’s hair wet tends to make one’s hair brittle and prone to hair loss.

•    Increased strain and tension on hair, especially while trying out hairstyles and tying hair tightly causes the already thinning hair strands to elongate and eventually break.

•    Frequent hair products, particularly chemical based hair products such a hair gels and perfume, increases hair fall.

•    Regular usage of shampoo and hair conditioners increases hair fall; hence it is important to limit shampoo usage to twice a week and once every three days.

•    Frequent usage of a hair dryer, especially when set at ‘high’, increases the rate of hair fall.

•    Frequent usage of headgears such as caps and hats cause hair loss.

•    Increased exposure to sunlight is another major contributor to hair loss.

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2.    Feed on food that strengthens your hair:

•    It is important that you feed on food that is rich in iron and protein such as red meat, fish, tofu, beans, milk, and egg. Red meat is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin B3, which enhances the health of the scalp. The egg is rich in vitamin B12 which nourishes the hair follicles. It is also a large source of zinc, selenium, sulphur, and biotin. The Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish stimulate the secretion of natural oils that keep our scalp hydrated.

•    It is essential that one consumes coriander if one wishes to stop hair loss, as coriander removes toxic metals that inhibit hair growth and obstruct nutrition to the scalp.

•    Vegetables such as spinach and asparagus are very much good for the health of hair as the vitamin A and vitamin C of spinach and the vitamin B and folic acid of asparagus strengthens hair. It will help you to row hair after hair loss.

•    The vitamin E found in dry fruits and nuts enhances circulation in the scalp and strengthens hair follicles.

3.    Relax and reduce your tension:

Stress is the main contributor to hair loss. Hence, by identifying and eliminating stressors present in one’s environment and by practicing stress management techniques (such as deep breathing and meditation) one can prevent hair fall. Taking periodic breaks from work not only relaxes a person but also improves mental health and hair growth (by creating a stress-free zone).

4.    Home remedies on how to grow hair after hair loss (provided that you have mastered the art of patience):

•    Applying oil on head regularly and massaging it gently helps to improve hair growth by directly feeding hair cells essential nutrients. Oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, and almond oil have been found to show miraculous results.

•    Applying the natural aloe vera gel directly on hair or crushing the aloe vera to create a paste for the hair; both have found to help fight off dandruff and promote hair growth. By creating an aloe vera paste, one can reach the roots of one hair while massaging it on the scalp.

•    Lemon juice and onion juice not only strengthen hair follicles but also leave a shiny gleam on hair after they have been washed off.

•    Natural henna has been found to increase hair growth while giving one a hair dye.

•    Giving hair a milk and egg bath has also been found to strengthen hair follicles by providing it with a direct source of protein.

•    After a bath, rinsing one’s hair with apple cider vinegar solution has found to not only promote hair strength but also give hair a nice gleam. Apple cider vinegar solution makes hair last longer.

•    Mixing a few drops of honey in shampoo and doing this twice-thrice a week can produce amazing hair growth results. This is because of the healing properties of honey which fix weak hair follicles and cells in the scalp.

So, in the end, it is not only important that one seeks to grow hair and stop hair loss but it is equally important that one takes efforts to maintain their hair. It is important that one picks only one method and follows in its course for at least one month if one wants to get prominent methods. After a month, if the results are unsatisfactory, one can try another method. So it all comes down to trial-and-error. These are the best possible solution to your question on how to grow hair after hair loss.

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